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Thursday, October 29, 2009


So our district has been on the news this last week. EVERY night this week. Good ol' Wayne Dulcefino's sticking his nose in other people's business...again. I don't think this man reports news. I think he reports crap. Twisting the truth around until it looks ugly. Our district and superintendent have been accused of misusing taxpayer's money for travel and training of teachers and administrators. I do agree some of the trips are unnecessary, but this is nothing new in the education world. EVERY district does this. They all spend lots of money on consultants and training.

I'm not always happy about what decisions our superintendent has made, but I don't think turning his name to mud is the answer. As a teacher in this district, I fume when I see these "news" reports about us. We spend countless hours with these kids during the school year trying to make them better people. We are counselor, teacher, and parent to many of these kids during the day. We spend more time with them than most of their parents, give them more hugs than they get at home, and discipline them better with our words than with our hands.

If our district wants to send us away from here for a few days of training, why the hell not?