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Monday, August 24, 2009

1st day of school

So I don't use any real names when it comes to work. I would hate for someone to think I was talking about them...I can just plead ignorant. Today was obviously the first day of school. These next two words deserve their own paragraph.

It sucked.

Most of the classes I had were great. I went through my 1st day spiel and on they went. We even got to play a game in 1st grade. They were my FAR. Kindergarten is last in the rotation this year.

That also sucked.

I thought they were crazy in the morning...I think they get crazier as the day goes on. Having 29 five year olds in one room pretty much sucked every motherly instinct out of me. Not only did we get their sweet little faces for 50 minutes at the end of the day, but we also got to keep them for the next hour while we waited to dismiss them to buses. Now I'm not going to play the blame game, but having the specials teachers dismiss kindergarten to buses is a BAD IDEA. Do we HAVE a transportation list? Do these kids even know their own name? Do THEY know how they get home?....hahahahah!!!! I had 2 in tears before the day was over...BECAUSE THEY NEED STRUCTURE! I don't even HAVE my own kids and I know this.

I was never so happy as to come home and do dishes. Even teachers need a little structure in their lives.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 11:

So I'm well into week 2 of my new program, and the only thing I've noticed is a slight lessening of back fat. THAT'S IT! Now, back fat is not the most attractive thing, so I'm okay with that, but the scale won't budge, and the tape measure is not very promising. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to stick with it. Obviously 2 months isn't enough time for my body to adjust to working out. All that time with a personal trainer must have thrown everything out of whack!

But like I said, I'll stick with it. I'm determined to buy one of those clearanced swim suits in December and stare at myself in a mirror for hours on end. This is something I've never done, but hope to accomplish before 2010...not the staring at myself in the mirror part, just the buying a bathing suit.

So hopefully I can keep up with this workout routine once school starts. I guess I'll know after tomorrow. :o(

Monday, August 3, 2009

This body of mine just doesn't want to cooperate!

Okay, so I've got just one more training session with my trainer on Tuesday. This makes me happy. It's hard. Not that I actually thought it'd be easy, but sometimes I just like to workout at home. Like today...

Joe and I have started another, oh, I mean a new workout program. This one's a lot cheaper than a personal trainer and hopefully more effective. It's one of those Beach Body programs that you've only heard of if you stay up late and watch infomercials. I did my first workout this morning. The sad part was I got my heart rate up to ludicrous speed just during the warm up. This is not good. I realized very quickly this program is probably for people who are NOT fat and want to look like Gerard Butler in the movie "300". I was just waiting for the guy to tell me to upend a tractor tire 10 times in 30 seconds!

I thought my trainer was hard...this was ridiculous! But I'm going to stick with it. I'm hopeful I might actually lose some weight. 4 weeks with a personal trainer, and nothing! I think I might have gained a pound. I'm at my wits end here people! Perhaps this 90 days of Hell will be my saving Grace.

Day One: Check!