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Thursday, February 4, 2010

No tact Nellie

Faculty meeting today after school. It was a big deal since the superintendent was coming. It was a crock of crap. He talked to us for 30 minutes about how the kids are number one and how we are number two...blah, blah, blah. Why do we have to be constantly reminded that the kids are number one? Whether we're joking about it or not, we KNOW the kids are 1st. We're TEACHERS for crying out loud! We wouldn't have a job without them. We always like to make those silly comments about teacher work days being great since there's no kids at school. We're JOKING! Our super apparently has no sense of humor. We got a huge speech about this today...I'm not really sure why. Morale? Highly unlikely considering after he left, we were YELLED at by our us.

I know our principal is new at her job, but she lacks a certain tact about her position. Yelling at your staff at every faculty meeting is not the way to gain loyal teachers. I still have no idea why we got the 3rd degree. One minute we're going over practice TAKS scores in groups, the next...yelling. I felt like I was just scolded by someone's mother. But I do have to admit, it gives us lots to talk about for the next few days.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baby Fat

Since we've had our new "fun times" administration, our staff has been given many duties that make us want to slit our wrists. One of my duties is making sure nobody kills each other in line during breakfast. It's very exciting.

But one thing I've noticed by spending time in the cafeteria is what these kids are eating every morning. Crap...junk...garbage...SUGAR! What are these people thinking?? To give a kid lucky charms, a donut, and chocolate milk?? Now, I know I'm no Slim Sally, but come on! It's no wonder a good 60% of the kids at my school are overweight when they start off their day like that.

Oh let's not stop there...Lunch.

A typical day at lunch consists of processed chicken nuggets, or processed fish, or processed beef...get the idea? With a side of instant mashed potatoes, corn, and smiley fries. YES! They'll serve 2 types of potatoes on the same plate...I kid you not. There is rarely anything green on their plates. The USDA has regulations about the fat content and calories, but nothing about carbohydrates or sugars.

If a child is on the free and reduced lunch program, they are required to get milk, whether they drink it or not. Half these kids don't even open them. They just go straight to the garbage (which is actually fine with me since I'm not a fan of milk). But it's the principle of just wasting it. But I digress...

Food in our schools is atrocious. Especially at the elementary level where it's hardly edible. On the off day I happen to forget my lunch, I would rather starve than eat anything from our cafeteria.