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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A relaxing evening out

Went to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. Our waitress was in was pretty obvious. She said something about her being a dork. I said that I understood...we were all band teachers. She proceeds to tell us how she use to laugh at the band kids in high school. The beer helped to soften my sense of humor. I then proceeded to laugh at her for her ignorance. Funny how things come full circle.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Quarter life crisis, part 2

I think I'm having another quarter life crisis. Or maybe it's just been going on for the past year...who knows. My job prospects are a little scarry. Not only am I applying for jobs in the teacher world again, but if that doesn't work out, I'm also sending my resume out to some really random jobs. I've been searching for the last 2 1/2 hours on hotjobs for anything that looks remotely promising. I've come up with an Export Coordinator for a trucking company (at least I think it's a trucking company...not really sure), and some kind of analyst for Anadarko. I think I'd rather have the latter, since it's only about 5 minutes from my house and right next to the mall! I've always secretly wanted to be one of those business people who have power lunches at Brio or Cheesecake Factory. But I digress...

Well I am selling Mary Kay now, but I would need to work my little Mary Kay ass off to bring in anything substantial right now. I'm just a Mary Kay baby.

I think I'm ready to get my corporate feet wet, though. That regulatory analyst position is looking pretty good right now.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Heart breaking

One of my best friends is going through complete heart break right now. For reasons unknown to us at the present, the baby she's been carrying for the last 30 weeks has gone to be with the Lord. I have no idea how this feels. I don't know how to comfort her. She seemed so strong when I talked to her and saw her in the hospital. I was a basket case! She's one of my best friends, and I don't want to see her hurting. I can only hope and pray that her labor is painless, and her delivery is quick. I love you sweetie!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wishful thinking?

Weight: I don't know...I've put my scale AWAY!

I have been inspired by my sister to start running. And although I'm a terrible runner, I've still signed up to run a 5K in January. I figure I'd better start out small, so as not to overwhelm myself. I'm pretty easily overwhelmed, and 13.1 miles just sounds like a lot o' runnin. I've started out on the treadmill because it's just embarrassing how little I actually run. I'm also starting to get too dependent on movies getting me through a run, so I need to stop that pretty quick.

Oh, and speaking of embarrassing, there is no sports bra on this planet that can tame the girls! I think some day they might actaully knock me out. It's not a pretty picture having them jump for joy with every step I take. Just take my word for it. If anyone has any suggestions or tips, I'd be happy to try anything. Perhaps I should bind them with an Ace Bandage or duct tape...hmmm...

So here I sit in May with my wishful thinking for 8 months away with only one goal in the whole 5K without stopping. Pretty hefty goal for a hefty girl? I guess we'll see!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

To baby or not to baby...

Everyone around me is having babies. I went to the mall a week ago with three of my girlfriends who happen to ALL be pregnant. It was quit a sight! One is due any day, the other in June, and the other in July. As we were walking by a vendor booth, the lady asked if we would like a brochure for the dresses she sells. The look on her face as she looked down to three pregnant bellies was priceless!

It's fun watching my friends get pregnant and go through the process of having the baby and watching the baby grow. I'm having a hard time believing this is in the cards for me. I hear it changes your that an understatement? Am I going to turn 40 or 50 and regret not starting a family? My clock is starting to tick louder and louder, and it's getting harder and harder to just ignore it. My doctor tells me if I'm going to do it, I should jump in pretty soon considering I'm having "issues" in the area of conceiving.

Maybe I should go back to teaching full time and remember why I didn't want kids in the first place.