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Monday, June 27, 2011

Just 5 more!

Okay, just 5 more pounds and I'll be at a big milestone! I'm on the scale every day. I know I shouldn't be, but I just can't help it. I've finally broke my plateau that I'm not sure I already wrote about.

But I think I worked out too hard yesterday. I wore my heart rate monitor while doing Zumba, and when I finished, it said I had burned over 600 calories! I think I actually did a double take on my watch. That's almost double what I normally burn. I guess I upped my intensity quite a bit. I was all excited about it until today when I woke up. I've felt like a slug all day. I probably should have eaten more yesterday. Lesson learned.

Friday, June 24, 2011

You know what makes me a little happier?...


It's my responsible dream car. I have other dream cars, but they would just be dumb ideas right now. It's a Toyota Camry. Actually it's Joe's car (my Corolla is gonna last FOREVER)...don't you just love Toyota?

Puppy didn't like sliding around in the back seat, so I put his seat in.

Ya, we're pretty happy with it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weight for it...

So I've realized that blogging isn't really my thing. I can never think of anything that's really blog worthy. Although I'm always out and about and think of something really awesome. But by the time I get home and on the computer, the thought's gone.

And I do take lots of pictures, but I don't think anyone wants to see pictures of my garden (I surprisingly haven't killed yet) or my dog. I don't have any fun baby stories because I don't have any babies. I know...I'm a sad little creature. Until then, you're going to have to read about me...just me.

And unfortunately, the one thing that consumes my life right now is my weight. So that's what you get to hear about. Exciting, I know.

I'm about 6 pounds from hitting the big 5-0. This is a big hurdle for me. I've never lost 50 pounds before (and yes, I HAVE needed to in the past). Fifty pounds is when you get to see before and after pictures. I'm still working on getting those 6 pounds off my belly.

I recently found a full body picture of myself at very near my heaviest (about 8 pounds less than my heaviest). I refused to take any pictures below my neck before all this began. I think I was in fat girl denial. But it's a good representation of how round I really was. So when the time comes (hopefully in the very near future) I'll be showing you what a difference 50 pounds makes...that's like half a skinny person!