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Friday, June 26, 2009

Forever battling the bulge

My hubby wasn't very happy when I joined a gym back in February, but since I go pretty regularly, he's come to terms with it. He's even joined one of his own. Unfortunately he can't join mine cause no men are allowed past the front door. :o) Mine's pretty inexpensive, and I have everything I need there. When he signed up for his he got some personal training sessions with it. I was a little jealous. All week I've been thinking about how expensive it is for the trainers at my gym. But when I walked in the door today I was pleasantly surprised to find them having a special on trainers! I took it as a sign.

So now I have Wendy. My first session with her is July 7th. A little later then I wanted to start, but it'll have to do. I'll have to let you know how much I like her after that. First impressions tells me she's one of "those" trainers. Spunky, lots of energy, talks too fast size 2. But I think I'll like her. Her nutrition advise is good, but goes against everything I've been conditioned to do the past 8 weeks on my eating program (which has actually been working). Conflicting information sucks.

So here I go trying to lose weight the "natural" way. Let's hope it's all worth it!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Camera (phone) dump

My camera sucks. I take more pictures with my phone. Lately I've taken a crap load of pictures...just thought I'd share.

Dobbie is free! This is the day he came home from the vet hospital.

Happy Birthday Jules!

1 week old.

One of my favorites.


That's right...I'm cool!

I just love my carseat!

Wow mom, it's really hot here.

Holy crap! 105!

Ahhhhh...the coolest place in the house!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer vacation...week 1

11 hours in the car on Monday and 8 hours in the car on Tuesday brought me to Minneapolis for 2 things:

1. My sister is about to give birth any day. I was going to come up after the birth, but plans changed because of...

2. My puppy has been at the vet hospital since Monday for Parvo.

I do not wish this virus on any dog. It's horrible. I though about taking pictures of him at the hospital (thinking it would be the last time I'd see him), but he really looks terrible. I'd probably just cry every time I saw it. I get calls twice a day from the vet giving me updates, and I go see him every day. This particular hospital is the best in the area, so we'll see how well he comes out of it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The last day

Oh the joys of being a teacher. Let's hear it for the next 2 1/2 months off! Technically Monday is my last day, but the kids went home Friday for the Summer. Just one more day to sit around and do nothing until the announcement is made to go home. Friday was pure chaos. 5th grade had their "graduation" ceremony. Me being Mrs. PTO, I had to serve cake, make punch, and be nice to people who were really just pissing me off. Our parents are lacking something called common courtesy, tact, politeness...I could go on.

Being a teacher I've learned so much about what NOT to do as a parent. I'll be SO ready when the time comes.

At the end of the school day Friday (which happened to be 11:30) all the teachers went out to the sidewalk to wave goodbye to the kids leaving on the bus. This seemed to be some kind of tradition. A kick line was started...songs were sung...and a huge cheer rang out as the last bus pulled out. I have no cord for my camera, so my camera is pretty useless right now. So I took a picture using my phone. You'll have to check my facebook to see that joyous occasion. :o)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Field Day!

The last week of school has begun...field day! This was probably going to be the funnest day of the week. We saw Kindergarten and 1st grade today. It was a blast. I wish I could post pictures of the events, but I don't think that's really legal.

The first event was the relay run. I've never seen so many shoes flying off feet! Don't these kids know how to tie thier shoes? Oh, they don't. We had trees marked that the kids had to run around. I got to stand at one tree (with shade :o) and direct the kids around it. Many of these kids still don't understand much English, so that was hilarious to watch.

Second event was the potato sack race. Some of those little Kindergarteners were swallowed up in their sack! My favorite part was when they would fall down. Is that wrong?

Then it was off to the gym for some much needed air conditioning and some scooter relays. I laughed so hard I was crying on this one. Some kids really have no common sense. But those are the most entertaining.

Last even was back outside to the tug of war...class against class. Sometimes it just wasn't fair, so us teachers would give one team an extra pull. Every team ended up winning at least one tug. That's just the way we are these days. There are no losers anymore.

Every student was then awarded a bracelet and a popsicle for their efforts.

Two grade levels down...4 more to go!