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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A workout to die for

I'm dying! Okay, maybe not. I think I finally got pushed too far at the gym today. I was only about 15 minutes in before I actually started to get nauseous. What the hey! Wendy said that can happen when there are too many days between workouts. Well I didn't want to look like a weenie, so I just pretended like I wasn't about to barf all over myself. But I stuck it out and finished the hour without incident. I think the only reason I didn't just say forget it and grab a snowcone on the way home was the fact that I've already PAID for the sessions.

And of course after an hour with Wendy I was told to do my 45 minutes of cardio. This chick doesn't mess around! I was sweating in places I haven't sweat since drum corps. I'm almost embarrassed to walk in the parking lot. It's so not attractive. I was beat. My legs felt like jelly, I have a headache, and I don't want to get off the couch.

Just 25 more weeks...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's July already?!

This summer is going by WAY too fast! I should have known it would. The last school year went by just as fast. I have done a lot this summer, but I'm not ready to go back in 3 stinkin' weeks! Now those of you non-teachers don't need to do that whole "cry me a river" thing. I know I have a pretty sweet gig, but these vacations are well deserved. Having a whole 20 minutes of complete adult conversation in an 8 hour period, keeping a smile on my face for 50 minutes at a time, and demonstrating how to make a circle on the floor can take its toll. I have enjoyed not getting sneezed on the last 6 weeks, but I do miss a lot of my kids...well a few...okay, maybe just 1 or 2.

I even had such high hopes as to want to work on my curriculum during the summer. I really don't know what I was thinking. All my books are still in my crate where I left them the last day of school. I don't even want to look at them...I'm just not ready :oP

I have about a week and a half left with Joe. Then I probably won't see him again until Christmas. Puppy and I will miss him. I'm sure I'll be writing more often in the fall about how much I enjoy eating alone. Perhaps I should start a support group for wives of band directors. I digress...

So puppy is doing really great after getting over the Parvovirus. I weighed the little porker today and he's back up to his pre parvo weight. Looks like he was plenty spoiled at his gramma's house this last week! I'll have to post some pictures once I can find my dang camera cord!

Friday, July 3, 2009

All by myself

Sometimes being on your own for a while can make you appreciate being married. Since Joe and I are both teachers you would assume we spend lots of time together during school breaks. On the contrary...

Summer week 1 and 2: I was in Minnesota, minus husband.

Week 3: husband at band camp, then off to NYC, minus wife.

Week 4: husband at band camp during the day. I think I saw him all of 3 evenings before...

Week 5: husband off to see his mother in South Carolina, minus wife.

This is where we are now. I kept myself busy today by going to the zoo, hanging out in Hermann Park, and going to the Japanese gardens.

Mr. Giraffe just wanted to show off some hiney for us.

This was in the Japanese Garden in Hermann Park.

So I had a good time even though I WAS by myself. There's lots to do on the West side of town, so next time I'm dragging hubby with me and he WILL enjoy it.