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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do I really sound like that?

I still get weirded out when I hear a recording of myself talking. I STILL think..."Do I really sound like that?"

I only thought of that because it seems to work the same with pictures of myself that other people take. When I take my own pictures, I use strategic methods to make sure certain parts don't get shown (pretty much anything from the chest down). But when other people take a picture, they don't think of these things unless I tell them. And if I KNOW they're taking the picture I do tell them. Then there's the ones that get you when you least expect it and post it online for all to see. I saw this certain picture of me and thought "Is that REALLY me???" It was not only a full body picture (which I would never okay), but a profile shot at that. So not flattering at my heaviest weight.

I'll be on the treadmill if anyone's looking for me...