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Monday, June 27, 2011

Just 5 more!

Okay, just 5 more pounds and I'll be at a big milestone! I'm on the scale every day. I know I shouldn't be, but I just can't help it. I've finally broke my plateau that I'm not sure I already wrote about.

But I think I worked out too hard yesterday. I wore my heart rate monitor while doing Zumba, and when I finished, it said I had burned over 600 calories! I think I actually did a double take on my watch. That's almost double what I normally burn. I guess I upped my intensity quite a bit. I was all excited about it until today when I woke up. I've felt like a slug all day. I probably should have eaten more yesterday. Lesson learned.


Jessi said...

Amazing! I started using my fitness pal...again. Obviously it worked for you!

Heather said...

Ya well I needed something that was going to keep me accountable. I had a lot to lose!

Stacey Clarke said...

I was just passing by and wanted to say 'well done!' Whenever I try to keep fit I get too enthusiastic and try too hard on the first day and then I can't walk the next day so I have to leave it for a while and all my good intentions go out the window, I never learn. I'm not very over weight so it takes a huge amount of effort to lose just a little weight, sometimes I feel like putting on lots of weight just so I can see it coming off.
Keep it up, you're doing really well :)