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Friday, June 24, 2011

You know what makes me a little happier?...


It's my responsible dream car. I have other dream cars, but they would just be dumb ideas right now. It's a Toyota Camry. Actually it's Joe's car (my Corolla is gonna last FOREVER)...don't you just love Toyota?

Puppy didn't like sliding around in the back seat, so I put his seat in.

Ya, we're pretty happy with it.


Barnes Family said...

haha that puppy seat is a good idea! and we Love Toyota's! we have a Yaris, it's not as nice as your camry, but we haven't had any problems so far.

Jessi said...

Scully loves her seat! And congrats on a very sensible new Toyota! I love mine - and as much as Justin hates the idea of an SUV, he secretly loves mine too.

Kim Bellini said...

Pretty funny. I will be getting my responsible dream car soon, too...a 2012 Camry. Your term for it is very fitting. Sometimes it's hard to get the hubs to let go of the cash for a new car, but as I told him, it's not like I'm wanting a Lexus or something like that. It's a mid-range sedan! So to further loosen his pocket book, I'm forever going to refer to the Camry as the "responsible dream car." I think that will do the trick.